Full-stack Engineer
at Wand
In-person / hybrid (NYC) • full-time
Wand is looking for a full-stack dev to spearhead our efforts in web + backend. This role could trend more towards web frontend or more towards backend depending on your strengths and interests, but ultimately we’re looking for someone with the skills to tackle either.
This role might be a fit if you:
Are deeply passionate about some or all of the following:
1. digital creative tools and/or digital art
2. multimodal AI
3. gaming
4. concept art
Have experience working with the following technologies:
• Django (or other Python backend frameworks)
• React (or other Javascript web frameworks)
• Pytorch (or other Python ML frameworks)
• Love building and shipping fast
• Love learning new technologies and expanding your horizons
• Have built freeform collaborative canvas tools in the past
• Have built tools that serve ML models in the past
Expectations / Skills
• 4+ years of full-stack software engineering experience
• Experience with some subset of Django, React, and Pytorch
• Familiarity with new AI technologies like Stable Diffusion
• Quick learner, looking to dedicate yourself to a project
Don’t see a role that fits you?

If you’re passionate about what we’re building & think you have something to contribute to Wand, but your skills don’t exactly fit into any of the above roles, we still want to hear from you! Tell us how you can help at info@wand.tech