Principal Engineer
at Wand
In-person / hybrid (NYC) • full-time
At Wand, we’re building a product that touches a lot of different interesting technologies including:
• Frontend Swift graphics for creative tooling
• Cutting edge multimodal ML (in our production backend + R&D)
• Autoscalable GPU backends managing a variety of ML models
• A freeform collaborative canvas engine with both native and web support
We’re looking for a dedicated, experienced senior engineer to help lead our dev team and work at the nexus of our various tech stacks. Specifically, you’d be spearheading or contributing to the development of each of the following:

• Frontend Swift codebase (runs on iOS, iPad, and macOS)
• Web frontend
• Backend architecture
This role might be a fit if you:
• Want to be in a core, high impact role with the ability to influence Wand’s trajectory
• Are deeply passionate about some or all of the following:
1. digital creative tools and/or digital art
2. multimodal AI
3. gaming
4. concept art

• Have a great deal of experience leading teams and building complex production apps but want to expand your horizons to cutting edge AI tech

• Are a former game dev or graphics dev for a creative product and have recently been playing around with Stable Diffusion and other models

• Enjoy mentoring and collaborating with other engineers
Expectations / Skills
• 10+ yrs software engineering experience
• Experience building complex Swift production apps
• Full-stack experience building web apps
• Leadership / tech lead experience
• Great communicator + team player
• Experience with graphics / GPU programming
• Some familiarity with new AI technologies like Stable Diffusion
Don’t see a role that fits you?

If you’re passionate about what we’re building & think you have something to contribute to Wand, but your skills don’t exactly fit into any of the above roles, we still want to hear from you! Tell us how you can help at