Bring your drawings to life.
Transform your drawings with the magic of Wand. Create custom styles and apply them instantly.
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Draw magically
"realistic tree, warm lighting"
Draw effortlessly on your tablet or phone.
Watch your drawing come to life.
Add details
"an owl on a branch"
Keep drawing
Add details by drawing on top of your creation.
Make detailed edits
Wand will only morph where you draw.
Apply any style
Van Gogh
Effortlessly explore existing styles with Wand — or even create your own.
Explore variations
Change the composition with our variations tool to spark new ideas.
Create your own styles
Step 1
Create your own unique style from any set of images.
Global Village Coffeehouse
Step 2
Apply your new style to any drawing and see it come to life.
Global Village Coffeehouse
See how people use Wand
See the many ways people are using Wand to speed up their workflow and expand creativity.
Concept Art
Product Sketches
Comic Books
Game Assets
Brand Storytelling
Personal Artwork
Bring your drawings to life.
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