Draw like never
Experience the magic of drawing with Wand, a generative illustration tool. Rapidly prototype and create stunning artwork on your iPad or iPhone.
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Built for artists
We believe AI best serves us as a creative tool – not as a replacement for our imaginations. Wand interprets your drawings to generate art that reflects your color, composition, and shading. It can even be taught to render in your own personal style – all to ensure that what you create is consistent with your vision.
Control the
Gain precise control over your artwork and fine-tune every detail.
Choose your own
Create and apply unique styles to your drawings, giving your artwork a distinctive and personalized touch.
Style Reference: Photorealism
Style Reference: Paintings
Style Reference: Graphic Art
Style Reference: Wood Carvings
Made for
Apple Pencil
Draw, sketch, and paint with natural, intuitive control on your iPad with Apple Pencil.
Render like a
Advanced tools with an intuitive interface enable you to create high-quality, detailed artwork with ease, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist.
Advance your
From concept art to comic books, fashion design to game assets, Wand is here to streamline your process and elevate your work.
Concept Art
Visualize ideas with precision.
Bring your stories to life.
From sketch to silhouette.
Painting Reference
Create vibrant, detailed masterpieces.
Game Assets
Create immersive game elements.
Rapidly iterate product concepts.
Generate multiple options for your drawings, and choose the one that best matches your vision.
your art
Boost your creativity
Blend your artistic skills with AI to create unique artwork.
Save time
Quickly improve your drawings and explore new techniques.
Learn faster
Experiment with AI assistance to develop your skills more efficiently.
Stay cutting-edge
Use the latest tech to stand out in your art classes and projects.
Get professional-level tools at a student-friendly price.
Collaborate easily
Share and work on projects with classmates seamlessly.
Perfect for assignments
Meet deadlines with AI-powered shortcuts and enhancements.
Express yourself
Push your artistic boundaries further than ever before.
Versatile portfolio builder
Create diverse artworks to showcase your range and adaptability.
Custom Brush Engine
Create stunning artwork with our custom brush engine, offering limitless creative possibilities and precise control for professional-quality results.
Preloaded Style Library
Embody an aesthetic with preloaded custom styles, offering an array of unique artistic templates to refine your outputs.
Multi-Layer Support (coming soon)
Navigate complex designs with robust layer support, allowing seamless editing, blending, and organizing of multiple elements.
Secure Private Models
Keep your work safe with secure private models, ensuring your designs are protected and accessible only by you.
Regional Iterative Editing
Make precise adjustments to specific areas with regional iterative editing, ensuring every detail of your artwork meets your exact standards.
Native Support for iOS
Enjoy seamless performance with native support for iPhone and iPad, providing consistent functionality across both devices.
Export Transparent PNGs
Export your artwork in transparent PNG format, perfect for professional design projects requiring high-quality, layer-free images.
Dynamic Morph Intensity
Achieve realistic transformations with dynamic morph intensities, providing intuitive control over the strength and nature of each modification.
Dataset Storage
Manage and reuse your images with our dataset library storage, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.
Optimized for Apple Pencil
Experience precise and natural drawing with full compatibility with Apple Pencil, making your creative process smooth and intuitive.
Run wild
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