AI Artist / Hacker
At Wand, we want to build a tool that feels like an extension of yourself. Doing this well demands great attention to detail along with a deep understanding of what digital artists need — and so we’re continually seeking individuals who can help us improve in these areas. In particular, we’re looking for AI artists / Stable Diffusion hackers to help us refine our product experience, inspire our users, and curate public models. Unlike our other positions, this role is part time and can be remote!
This role might be a fit if you:

• love making art and/or work on creative projects and see yourself as a target user for Wand• spend a significant amount of time exploring new creative AI tools, techniques, Co-lab notebooks, and research papers

• frequently browse places like r/StableDiffusion for new hacks / tricks

• have fine tuned your own models for fun

• have experience with traditional creative tools like Photoshop

• have an interest/background in some of the following:

1. fine arts / art history

2. concept art (fantasy, scifi, anime/manga, fashion, etc)

3. gaming / world building

Responsibilities include:

• Pushing Wand’s features to their limit to make art & providing detailed UI/UX feedback
• Curating stylistic datasets for public models
• Systematically experimenting with different training techniques or dataset variations to explore what gives the best results
• Exploring and sharing tricks to get great quality out of Stable Diffusion
• Talking to early users to accumulate feedback & discover pain points in our app design
• Help train models for case studies/users who are failing to get optimal results
• Active member of our Discord community

Important skills / traits to have:

• Experienced illustrator / digital artist
• Attention to detail
• Great communication skills
• Scientific / experimenter mindset
• Obsession with cutting edge multimodal AI tech

Don’t see a role that fits you?
If you’re passionate about what we’re building & think you have something to contribute to Wand, but your skills don’t exactly fit into any of the above roles, we still want to hear from you! Tell us how you can help at
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