Machine Learning Engineer
New York
Wand is looking for an ML Engineer passionate about creative tools to spearhead our backend GPU and applied research efforts
This role might be a fit if you:

• are obsessed with keeping up with the state of the art in creative multimodal ML research, especially in areas like fine-tuning and latent diffusion
• implement papers as a learning exercise or for creative projects
• have worked with and/or scaled GPU backends in the past
• frequently browse places like r/StableDiffusion for new hacks / tricks
• have fine tuned your own models for fun
• see yourself as a target user for Wand

have an interest/background in some of the following
• gaming / game-dev / world building
• concept art (fantasy, scifi, anime/manga, fashion, etc)
• traditional creative tools like Procreate and Photoshop
• fine arts / art history

Responsibilities include:

• scaling, maintaining, & optimizing Wand’s GPU cloud backend

• contributing to ML research efforts + integrating them into our GPU backend

• developing hacks to improve the UX + output quality for our various ML tools

• leading MLOps + dataset building & curation

• improving fine tuning techniques through systematic experimentation

• train new models for case studies/users who are failing to get optimal results

Important skills / traits to have:

• 3+ yrs Pytorch experience with strong ML fundamentals
• 3+ yrs backend scaling experience
• experience building ML architectures from scratch
• experience working with GPU backend services
• great communication skills
• scientific / experimenter mindset
• quick learner, looking to dedicate yourself to a project

Don’t see a role that fits you?
If you’re passionate about what we’re building & think you have something to contribute to Wand, but your skills don’t exactly fit into any of the above roles, we still want to hear from you! Tell us how you can help at
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