Metal Graphics Engineer
Remote / NYC
Remote Part-Time or Full-Time in NYC
At Wand (, we're building an AI powered illustration tool designed to give artists the control they need over this new technology to retain their creative vision. We are on the lookout for an exceptional Metal Graphics Engineer to spearhead development of our custom brush engine. We're open to exploring both full-time in-person and remote part-time contracting in this area.
This role might be a fit if you:
  • Passionate about graphics programming, with deep expertise in Metal and Swift-Experience in SwiftUI is a plus
  • Experienced in developing and optimizing graphics pipelines
  • Skilled in using Metal debugger and proficient in troubleshooting shaders and resolving rendering artifacts
  • Knowledgeable about commonly used color spaces, pixel formats and their application in rendering
  • Familiarity with Apple Pencil technology is a plus
  • Solid foundation in matrix math, transformations, and image operations
Responsibilities include:
  • Contribute to building our brush engine & designing new brushes
  • Enhance and optimize our graphic rendering engine
  • Collaborate in the development of high-performance graphics applications
  • Debug and fine-tune shaders to achieve optimal rendering quality
  • Address and resolve graphical artifacts, ensuring visual fidelity
  • Contribute to the design of color-accurate rendering workflows
  • Actively engage with the team to share knowledge and best practices
  • Provide input and feedback on UI/UX from a graphics performance perspective
Important skills / traits to have:
  • Proven experience in Metal and Swift
  • Strong problem-solving skills in graphics programming
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A creative and experimental mindset
  • Enthusiasm for the latest advancements in multimodal AI and graphics technology
Don’t see a role that fits you?
If you’re passionate about what we’re building & think you have something to contribute to Wand, but your skills don’t exactly fit into any of the above roles, we still want to hear from you! Tell us how you can help at
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